JMinHEP is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

JMinHEP - a framework for data clustering

Version 1.0, April 2006 (c) copyright S.Chekanov (

JMinHEP is a framework for clustering analysis, i.e. for non-supervised learning in which the classification process does not depend on a priory information. The program is a pure JAVA-based application and includes the following algorithms:
  1. K-means clustering analysis (single and multi pass)
  2. C-means (fuzzy) algorithm
  3. Agglomerative hierarchical clustering
  4. .. more will be included soon
More information can be found in or this tutorial. Download: JMinHEP-1.0.tar.gz
Then unzip and untar it (tar -zvxf JMinHEP-[version].tar.gz under Linux/Unix). This will create a directory: jminhep with JMinHEP.jar file. You can run it as usual, i.e. as java -jar JMinHEP.jar

This program is absolute and not supported. A new version of jMinHep with full documentation can be found in jMinHep web page.